• Ensuring Effective Settlements

    Ensuring Effective Settlements

    Communication is key when it comes to Medicare beneficiary claims Read More

  • The Transformative Power of Disruption

    The Transformative Power of Disruption

    Technology equals opportunity in the new age of claims Read More

  • The Computerized Claims Crusade

    The Computerized Claims Crusade

    Fully automated resolution is still a ways off, but there are many benefits along the way Read More

  • A Delicate Balance

    A Delicate Balance

    Fulfilling the duty to be zealous advocates while committing to pursue only the truth Read More

  • Hurricane Michael’s Aftermath

    Hurricane Michael’s Aftermath

    What past storms can tell us about the claims challenges facing Florida Read More

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    I ❤ CLM NY

    Previewing CLM’s New York Conference  read more

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    Writing Wrongs

    Advice on crafting your resume  read more

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    Silica Comes Back Into Focus

    New OSHA Standards Bring Renewed Focus on the Compound in the Workplace  read more

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    Preventing Penny-Pinching Labels

    How to Defend Against Allegations That an Insurer Underpays Claims  read more

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    To Unman or Not to Unman

    Drones are legal—but not for purposes of conducting investigative surveillance  read more

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    CLM National: November 2018

    News and verdicts that affect you from across the country  read more

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    "Are you noticing increased consumer awareness about data privacy?"

    We ask CLM members and fellows big questions about big data  read more

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    Living Through the Storm

    Once a storm like Michael is over, the realization sets in.  read more

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    Renewed Educational Focus

    CLM has recharged the educational focus for our membership and the industry.  read more

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    Choose Your Own Adventure

    When to File a Lien and When to Intervene  read more

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