• Is Nothing Sacred?

    Is Nothing Sacred?

    Examining the halo effect in cases against religious organizations and non-profits. Read More

  • Data Crunching Catastrophes

    Data Crunching Catastrophes

    How insurers are using climate data to better predict and manage weather risks. Read More

  • The Grinding Gears of CMS Regulation

    The Grinding Gears of CMS Regulation

    Personal injury and no-fault payers should be aware of three key compliance issues. Read More

  • Gas or Consequences?

    Gas or Consequences?

    New York’s aging pipelines provide property claims and litigation lessons. Read More

  • Voices: Getting to know Krista Glenn

    Voices: Getting to know Krista Glenn

    Krista Glenn - Chief Claims Officer, IAT Insurance Group Read More

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    The Critical Question of Credibility

    Thorough, unbiased assessments are key to workplace investigations.  read more

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    State of Affairs

    Weighing choice of law questions when assessing a claim or loss.  read more

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    Lessons From the Google Docs Scam

    Why professionals need to be ever vigilant to cyber risks.  read more

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    What is the claims industry’s best pitch to attract young talent?

    Thomas Joyce, Nautilus Insurance Group, and three others answer this month's question.  read more

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    Contractual Obligations to Defend and Indemnify

    Attracting over 500 registrants, this webinar from CLM’s Construction Claims Community explained contractual/express indemnity and the additional...  read more

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    Reinventing Workers Comp

    CLM’s partnership with Business Insurance yields results.  read more

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    When Water Becomes Waste

    Production water releases from fracking operations require a coordinated response.  read more

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    The Great Equalizer

    The claims process becoming more automated is a great stride forward but could possibly lose touch with great customer service.  read more

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    Around the CLM - National June 2017

    Alabama’s Workers Compensation Act is declared unconstitutional, New Jersey disallows symptom magnification testimony, and Pennsylvania parses the...  read more

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    How will the use of drones improve the insurance claims industry?

    Melissa Hill, Hamilton USA., and three others answer this month's question.  read more

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