• Counting What Counts

    Counting What Counts

    Litigation metrics and how to build them Read More

  • The Problems with Harvey

    The Problems with Harvey

    Litigation lessons learned from previous storms should help insurers address inevitable challenges Read More

  • The Art of Arbitration

    The Art of Arbitration

    Experts weigh in on what to consider before filing for arbitration Read More

  • America on Opioids

    America on Opioids

    As the epidemic continues, the legal landscape for manufacturers and distributors unfolds Read More

  • Supreme Court in Review

    Supreme Court in Review

    A number of decisions provide new defenses for claims litigators Read More

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    Sticking Together

    During times like this is when our industry must shine  read more

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    Living Proof of Roofs

    The grass is not always greener for design professionals  read more

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    The Connected Claims Experience

    How smart devices are providing the data that claims professionals need  read more

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    Wildfire Frenzy

    "How would you characterize this year’s wildfire season?"  read more

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    Man and Machine, Teaching Each Other

    AI will transform insurance, but it will be a collaborative effort  read more

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    Anatomy of Failure

    Understanding the causes of lithium-ion battery fires  read more

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    What Will You Find?

    Considerations for conducting a legal bill review  read more

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    If You See Something, Say Something

    The importance of identifying and reporting workers compensation fraud  read more

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    Who Doesn’t Like a Success Story?

    It’s back to school time, which means CLM’s 2017 internship program is wrapping up.  read more

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    Sneak “Peak”

    Essential gear for CLM's 2017 Cyber Summit  read more

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