• Going on the Defensive

    Going on the Defensive

    MGM takes proactive move to determine liability for Las Vegas mass shooting, but at what cost to its reputation? Read More

  • The Growing Buzz About Blockchain

    The Growing Buzz About Blockchain

    An initiative takes shape to help the insurance industry utilize blockchain Read More

  • SCOTUS Watch 2018

    SCOTUS Watch 2018

    Analyzing the opinions of the Court and its impact on claims professionals Read More

  • Genetic Testing Risks and Rewards

    Genetic Testing Risks and Rewards

    The future is now when it comes to using genomic science in litigation. Read More

  • CLM Voices: Getting to Know Penny Wright

    CLM Voices: Getting to Know Penny Wright

    See how Sunstate Equipment's risk senior claims manager stocks her toolbox to manage the risks for the company’s 1,600 employees. Read More

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    National News: August 2018

    News and verdicts that affect you from across the country  read more

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    Risk No Reward

    Google “MGM Victim Lawsuit,” and you will find the following headlines....  read more

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    Inside CLM’s Internship Program

    Peek behind the scenes of this annual initiative  read more

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    Sticking to the Honor Code

    How well do you understand your state’s mandatory reporting statute?  read more

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    Accommodate—Or Else

    Courts and laws trend toward mandating website accessibility under the ADA  read more

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    Recovery Beyond the Average

    Workers compensation subrogation strategies and tactics  read more

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    Slow Your Roll

    Brakes are often blamed in large commercial truck crashes, but it’s an unlikely culprit  read more

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    Teamwork Makes the Team Work

    Enhancing the relationship between defense counsel and employer  read more

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    Business Challenges

    "What type of cyber threat do you see as the biggest challenge for businesses?"  read more

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    Clear as Mud

    "As a matter of law, the answer in Epic is clear"  read more

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