• Understanding the Spike in Mold Claims

    Understanding the Spike in Mold Claims

    Environmental policies are more important than ever Read More

  • Doubling Down on Data

    Doubling Down on Data

    More information and insights can be beneficial, but watch for ethical and legal pitfalls Read More

  • Help Needed!

    Help Needed!

    An existing construction skilled labor shortage and supply chain risks will be further strained by post-storm demands. Read More

  • In Claims, It’s a Candidate’s Market

    In Claims, It’s a Candidate’s Market

    Understanding the war for talent—and how to win it Read More

  • A Home After the Storm

    A Home After the Storm

    How does additional living expense coverage respond to insureds impacted by hurricanes? Read More

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    Building the Best

    How to develop talent in a claims organization  read more

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    Press “0” to Speak With the Chatbot

    How hiring managers put the “art” into artificial intelligence.  read more

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    The Wrath on Grapes

    Responding to every disaster that comes our way is something for which we should all be proud.  read more

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    The Impact of Exponential Technology Disruption on Insurance

    What does the future hold for property insurers?  read more

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    Owning the Drone

    How a patent plays out in the field  read more

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    Don’t Get Tanked

    CLM’s Subrogation Committee looked at the unique aspects of investigating large acrylic aquarium failure claims  read more

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    Implementing Cybersecurity Legislation

    An overview of the NYDFS and NAIC model laws  read more

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    When Cases Reach an Impasse

    Achieving the best recovery in the shortest time possible  read more

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    National News: October 2017

    News and verdicts that affect you from across the country  read more

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    Tech in Comp

    "Which area of advancement in workers compensation technology has been the most valuable?"  read more

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