CLM Voices: Getting to Know Michael Rosenberg

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Michael Rosenberg

ROIG Lawyer's managing partner keeps his eye on the ball.

By Taylor Smith

This Montreal native grew up keeping his eye on the ball—literally and figuratively. Find out how he achieved his dreams while focusing on the future.

A Dream Decided

Even as a young child, Rosenberg was singular in his career aspirations. Being a big baseball fan growing up, he had a baseball card made with his likeness, replete with official-looking stats. On the back of the card? He included “future attorney” as his career. Mission accomplished.

Rewarding Work

“Since I maintain my own practice while also serving as ROIG’s managing partner, I solve problems both at the case level and on a macro level. Helping our clients from both perspectives is exciting and is ultimately our objective.”

Minority Majority

ROIG is a minority-owned and diversity-focused firm of almost 100 attorneys based in Florida. Rosenberg says being focused this way makes it a huge draw for attorneys looking for a diverse environment, and the multitude of backgrounds and points of view gives the firm a wider perspective on problem solving. One other perk? It provides improved insights into potential juror behaviors.

Leveraging Data and Analytics

“What clients are expecting and, in fact, should be demanding are quicker results, better results, and improved reporting. These are all objectives that can be measured.”

It’s Elementary

ROIG may be unique in using IBM Watson’s analytics platform to look at data and then help its clients better respond to what is going on in their litigation. For example, the firm might analyze public data to look at suits in a specific county or jurisdiction, look at how often a particular attorney has pursued a specific client, or examine cycle times for different types of cases.

Outside the Office

“I met my wife on our first day of law school, and we’ve been married for 13 years. We have two wonderful children, ages six and two. If their negotiation skills are any indication, then they are the future of the law firm!”


Taylor Smith is president of Suite 200 Solutions. taylor.smith@suite200solutions.com

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