Listening and Learning

The CLM isn’t about me—it is about each and every one of you.

By Adam Potter

Eleven years ago, I was sitting on the couch with my dog, Luna, when she created the CLM. I have to give her credit, she was the one who thought of the idea (I just executed it). Since that time, the organization has grown to over 45,000 members and fellows, and while I have led the organization to become the largest in the insurance industry, I want to reflect on the development. For me, it all boils down to listening.

There is great leadership within our industry, so I listened. Our advisory board; community boards; committee chairs; national, regional, and state leaders; Claims College chancellors, deans, and executive committees; and hundreds of other passionate colleagues donated countless hours and provided feedback. I listened. Thousands of conference planners, speakers, and attendees evaluated our conferences, events, and programs. I listened. Industry professionals, outside counsel, service providers, and consultants offered observations and feedback. I listened. The CLM staff of amazing, caring individuals provided ongoing evaluations. I listened. The feedback was incredibly valuable, and while I didn’t always agree, I listened.

I heard everyone and continued to model and shape the CLM to be the great organization that it is today. This industry is passionate, cares about people, and has been incredibly good to me. As I reviewed options for a transition, I believed it was only prudent to give back to the industry and turn the CLM into a non-profit and trust it to The Institutes, a 100+ year insurance organization, to continue the CLM’s success.

The CLM isn’t about me—it is about each and every one of you. I couldn’t have found a better industry and I want to thank you all for your contributions, feedback, and passion. What will I do next? First and foremost, I will assist with the transition to ensure there is no service or quality disruption. I will work to finalize the Universal Claims Certification (UCC), which will streamline the licensing process. And I will spend more time with my husband Tom, two four-year-old girls, Wallace and Peggy, and, of course, Luna. And I will continue to listen.

Adam Potter is the chief executive officer of CLM. He can be reached at adam.potter@theclm.org

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