Between the Lines: September 2012

Lauren D. Wilkins, Partner at Langlois, Wilkins, Furtado & Metcalf, is one of several who answered the question "What is the most unusual fraud story you’ve encountered?"

By Bevrlee J. Lips

“What is the most unusual or unique fraud story you’ve encountered?”

“A tip led to the recording of a church service where claimants requested the congregation members to send them their receipts without names on them for expensive household items because their insurer would not pay without receipts!”

-Matthew J. Smith, Partner, Smith, Rolfes & Skavdahl. CLM member since 2009.

“A man in rural Georgia decided to wreck and burn his car to avoid the payments. However, he forgot something. When he ran the car into a tree, OnStar notified EMS…they met him walking up the road.”

-Robert A. Luskin, Partner, Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP. CLM member since 2011.

“To solve his financial problems, a man planned to soak his mattress with alcohol, set it on fire, and call 911 once his house was fully engulfed. Instead, he passed out drunk, woke up and saw the flames, forgot he intentionally set the fire, ran outside, and called the fire department.” 

-Lauren D. Wilkins, Partner, Langlois, Wilkins, Furtado & Metcalf, P.C. CLM member since 2007.

“Following an anonymous tip, police found a man bound and gagged, his girlfriend dead at his feet. He claimed a masked gang murdered her and stole expensive electronics. An insurance investigator found evidence that broke the case for the homicide detectives—and led to a conviction for insurance fraud.”

-Thomas Mulvey, National Director, SIU and Claim Services, ISO. CLM member since 2012.


$147 Billion

The amount of bogus receipts in China’s biggest fake receipt case.
Source: The China


The number of vehicles OnStar has aided in locating after being reported stolen, 400+ each month.
Source: OnStar


The percentage of arsons involving structures. Mobile property accounted for 26 percent.
Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2010


The rise in mid-year questionable claims in 2012 compared to 2011.
Source: NICB

$275 Million

The amount a Russian-American fraud ring billed in the biggest no-fault insurance fraud case in history.
Source: New York Daily News

Bevrlee J. Lips was managing editor of Claims Management magazine (now CLM Magazine) from January 2012 until March 2017.

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