CLM Voices: Getting to Know D.J. Corrigan

CLM Voices: Getting to Know D.J. Corrigan

Cunningham Lindsey's Vice President, Senior Executive General Adjuster, shares how years of experience teaches you a thing or two.

By Eric Gilkey

When you have been resolving claims for as long as Corrigan has—an astounding 52 years—you learn a thing or two about the industry and yourself. See what he says influenced him the most over the course of his claims career.

Memorializing Moments 

“We arrived in New York City the first day commercial airlines began flying after 9/11. We established a remote office at a hotel and maintained it for two years. The emotional loss was the most difficult aspect of the claims due to the deaths of so many people and, in particular, the deaths of so many in the insurance industry with whom we had worked.”

“Not only do we experience the variety of the businesses, but also we experience the variety of personalities. Each loss is different and unique, so there is never a dull day.” Corrigan, on what he loves most about his job.

Unforgettable Events 

Corrigan says Hurricane Katrina stays with him to this day. He described unbelievable conditions that included hiring guards to provide his team with protection because of snipers and other violence taking place throughout New Orleans, and having meals delivered from as far away as Baton Rouge, which is 80 miles away.

“Technology has been both a positive in claims handling and a detriment. On the positive side, the availability of information and the speed at which duplicative tasks can be completed makes all of us more productive.”  Corrigan, on the role of technology in claims.

Training Day  

Corrigan says the most significant change he’s seen is the decline of education and training. What used to be training programs that initially lasted weeks and continued for years is now reduced to a one-hour online seminar. He believes the industry needs to do a better job of educating and training young professionals.

“I think this profession is the most rewarding in the insurance industry, and I encourage people to embrace this industry all the time—including my own son and daughter, who are both general adjusters.” Corrigan, on what he’d say to those considering a claims career.

Eric Gilkey is executive editor of CLM Magazine, a publication of the Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance. He may be reached at eric.gilkey@TheCLM.org.

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